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November 2013


Scorpio Horoscope November 2013

You like intensity and you’ll have it.

Venus, the ruler of Scorpio’s house of couples, will enter Capricorn on November 5th 2013, where it’ll stay for four months, much longer than it usually spends in a sign. And Pluto will already be in Capricorn. …Continue reading: November 2013 Horoscope Scorpio – Love Horoscope


Sagittarius Horoscope November 2013

November 2013 will be a very active month, in which you can advance a great deal.

With Mars in Sagittarius’ house of career, professional goals will become very motivating, ambition will grow and the spirit of competition will acquire considerable proportions. …Continue reading: November 2013 Horoscope Sagittarius – Career Horoscope


Capricorn Horoscope November 2013

Venus will enter Capricorn on November 5th 2013 and instead of staying here for approximately four weeks, the period it usually spends in a sign, it will stay for four months, meaning until March 5th 2014. Venus is the planet of love, of harmonyy and of couples. …Continue reading: November 2013 Horoscope Capricorn – Love Horoscope


Aquarius Horoscope November 2013

Professionally speaking, things will go quite well. Anyway, better than the previous month. …Continue reading: November 2013 Horoscope Aquarius – Career Horoscope


Pisces Horoscope November 2013

You’ll definitely have a lot of action in November 2013!

As if it wasn’t enough that the great and enthusiast Jupiter was in Pisces’ house of love and sensuality (June 2013 – July 2014), starting the middle of the previous month you’ve also had Mars in Pisces’ house of couples (by December 7th 2013)! …Continue reading: November 2013 Horoscope Pisces – Love Horoscope


Aries Horoscope November 2013

November 2013 will be busy and dynamic. Located in Aries’ house of work, Mars will bring intense activity, emergencies, radical decisions and, sometimes, competition, conflicts or other work-related incidents. …Continue reading: November 2013 Horoscope Aries – Career Horoscope


Taurus Horoscope November 2013

November 2013 will unfold in a similar way to the previous month.

Mercury will continue its waving road through Taurus’ house of couples, inviting to analysis, hindsight looks, choices and decisions. …Continue reading: November 2013 Horoscope Taurus – Love Horoscope


Gemini Horoscope November 2013

As regards work and career, you’ll still have to fight in November 2013. The interest in this area will be authentic and strong, it’s just confusion and delays will interfere, making the flow of constant and efficient work difficult. …Continue reading: November 2013 Horoscope Gemini – Career Horoscope


Cancer Horoscope November 2013

In Cancer’s couple life an important phase will begin: Venus will stay in Cancer’s house of relationships for four months, from November 5th 2013 to March 5th 2014. …Continue reading: November 2013 Horoscope Cancer – Love Horoscope


Leo Horoscope November 2013

There will start a period that will emphasize the use of talents and work relationships.

Venus willl enter Leo’s house of work on November 5th 2013 and will stay there unusually long, until March 5th 2014. …Continue reading: November 2013 Horoscope Leo – Career Horoscope


Virgo Horoscope November 2013

At the sentimental level, Virgo people will go through a rare and precious period.

Jupiter, the ruler of Virgo’s house of couples, will be in one of the best possible positions, foreshadowing sentimental fulfillment and achievements. …Continue reading: November 2013 Horoscope Virgo – Love Horoscope


Libra Horoscope November 2013

Libra’s career will move on and will go very well. Jupiter will see that you are offered favorable circumstances, highlighted, brought appreciation, applause, fame, prestige. …Continue reading: November 2013 Horoscope Libra – Career Horoscope

Always keep in mind: stars only predispose! Choices and decisions are ours.

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