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May 2012


Taurus Horoscope May 2012

Time has come for restriction-free love, adventure and passion!

Mars, that resumed its straight movement in the middle of the previous month, will now speed up in your house of eroticism …Continue reading: May 2012 Horoscope Taurus – Love Horoscope


Gemini Horoscope May 2012

Venus in Gemini could be useful not only regarding the couple, but also professionally and financially.

Financially, Venus will help you because it governs cash, jewelry and …Continue reading: May 2012 Horoscope Gemini – Career Horoscope


Cancer Horoscope May 2012

You’ll be very well, energetic and resistant. In May 2012 there are no serious health problems foreseen. …Continue reading: May 2012 Horoscope Cancer – Health Horoscope


Leo Horoscope May 2012

The couple life will unfold smoothly, without complications, maybe due to the fact that in May 2012 it will tend to rely on communication and friendship.

The passionate predispositions will somehow cool down and …Continue reading: May 2012 Horoscope Leo – Love Horoscope


Virgo Horoscope May 2012

The conjunction between Mercury (the ruler of Virgo) and Jupiter, together with the conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter in Taurus, foreshadows success with …Continue reading: May 2012 Horoscope Virgo – Career Horoscope


Libra Horoscope May 2012

You have to be careful in May 2012 too, because there might appear health problems. Your body …Continue reading: May 2012 Horoscope Libra – Health Horoscope


Scorpio Horoscope May 2012

The couple life will be very active in May 2012. Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury promise a lot and demand a lot. They are very enthusiastic, they communicate, stimulate and interact.

The couple life will get much more emphasis, it’ll become the top interest. May 2012 brings stronger need for love and sympathy with the other one, doubled by …Continue reading: May 2012 Horoscope Scorpio – Love Horoscope


Sagittarius Horoscope May 2012

A fabulous month from the professional point of view. The configurations marking your house of work in May 2012 will bear success and accomplishments.

It is to be expected that work conditions …Continue reading: May 2012 Horoscope Sagittarius – Career Horoscope


Capricorn Horoscope May 2012

You’ll be in a top shape all throughout May 2012.

You’ll have a lot of physical energy, and …Continue reading: May 2012 Horoscope Capricorn – Health Horoscope


Aquarius Horoscope May 2012

Venus, the planet of love, will be in your house of passion and eroticism in May 2012 too. What other astral combination could be more favorable to happiness than this one?

Sentimental relationships tend to be …Continue reading: May 2012 Horoscope Aquarius – Love Horoscope


Pisces Horoscope May 2012

May 2012 will have great potential for success, especially in areas that involve the intellect, communication, sharing, moving. It’ll be an exceptional month for the creative and editing work, for …Continue reading: May 2012 Horoscope Pisces – Career Horoscope


Aries Horoscope May 2012

Mars’ resumption of the straight movement will bring along some morale improvement. …Continue reading: May 2012 Horoscope Aries – Health Horoscope

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