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December 2012


Sagittarius Horoscope December 2012

Mercury, the ruler of Sagittarius’ house of relationships, will end its retrograde movement cycle in Sagittarius, where it also started it. On October 29th 2012 it entered Sagittarius, on November 7th it started the retrograde movement …Continue reading: December 2012 Horoscope Sagittarius – Love Horoscope


Capricorn Horoscope December 2012

The enterprising spirit will mark December 2012. You want to do as many things, to settle everything, so that 2013 finds you all prepared.

You’ll find it very easy to move, act, make decisions, initiate procedures. Mars in Capricorn …Continue reading: December 2012 Horoscope Capricorn – Career Horoscope


Aquarius Horoscope December 2012

You’ll have enough energy in December 2012, but you’ll over do it. You should stop to catch your breath from time to time. …Continue reading: December 2012 Horoscope Aquarius – Health Horoscope


Pisces Horoscope December 2012

Things will tend to settle in the couple life; they will even develop positively. December 2012 will bring clarification regarding some weird or complicated situations that have appeared …Continue reading: December 2012 Horoscope Pisces – Love Horoscope


Aries Horoscope December 2012

Mars, the planet ruling the sign of Aries and at the same time the planet of initiative and action, will have a top position, at the peak of Aries’ horoscope, in your house of career and fame. …Continue reading: December 2012 Horoscope Aries – Career Horoscope


Taurus Horoscope December 2012

You’ll be relatively all right in December 2012, though not in such a great shape as to afford anything. …Continue reading: December 2012 Horoscope Taurus – Health Horoscope


Gemini Horoscope December 2012

December 2012 will be a full month at the relational level. Probably relevant as well.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus will reach Gemini’s house of couples in turns, from where they’ll oppose Jupiter, the ruler of this house, located in the Ascendant. The configuration will be intensely emotional …Continue reading: December 2012 Horoscope Gemini – Love Horoscope


Cancer Horoscope December 2012

December 2012 will be marked by hard work, efficiency and professional satisfactions. The Sun, Mercury and Venus will go through Cancer’s house of work in turns (or even simultaneously, as it will happen between December 16th and 21st 2012). …Continue reading: December 2012 Horoscope Cancer – Career Horoscope


Leo Horoscope December 2012

A period in which you’ll have to take care of yourself.

With Mars in Leo’s house of health, …Continue reading: December 2012 Horoscope Leo – Health Horoscope


Virgo Horoscope December 2012

You’ll find yourself in a state of indecision, of instability or maybe of duality. The sentimental scenery won’t have a well-defined shape or will be prone to changes. …Continue reading: December 2012 Horoscope Virgo – Love Horoscope


Libra Horoscope December 2012

You need to be more focused. There will be opportunities in December 2012, development ideas, resources. All you need to do is set your priorities and …Continue reading: December 2012 Horoscope Libra – Career Horoscope


Scorpio Horoscope December 2012

Your physical condition won’t be great in December 2012, and the nervous tension will be …Continue reading: December 2012 Horoscope Scorpio – Health Horoscope

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