Leo Horoscope 2013

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13 Dec 2012

Leo Horoscope 2013

In 2013 it’s very unlikely for spectacular events to occur. The climate will be more discrete, closer to the interior. It seems to be a germinating period meant to prepare a much more remarkable future phase.

The accommodation, family, real estate or patrimony goods, parents and relatives will require more attention, care, responsibility.

Uranus will be “accommodated” for long term (until 2018!) in Aries. For Leo people, the configuration announces that there’s a lot of energy that demands to be invested in studies, training, trips, long-distance relationships, cultural, university, publishing, philosophical or spiritual preoccupations. In all these there must be a degree of novelty, of the unexpected or surprise.

In the second part of the year 2013, Jupiter in Cancer will favor withdrawal, rest, meditation, secret activities or organizations that work within a limited circle. It’ll be a good period for exploring the subconscious and its powers, for practicing and developing intuition and subtle perceptions.

Throughout the entire year 2013, health shouldn’t be neglected. Pluto, located in Leo’s house of diseases, will receive tense aspects from Uranus, and in the second part of the year from Jupiter as well. Tension, excesses and addictions need to be avoided or at least cut down.

The body will give subtle warnings. Stay focused in order to find out what needs to be balanced, fixed, changed in due time. Don’t take any signal, any symptom too easy! Diseases tend to develop silently, but progressively.

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