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27 Sep 2012

Cancer Horoscope October 2012

October 2012 foreshadows a new phase in the sentimental life and gives a preview of its features.

Saturn, the ruler of your house of couples, will enter Cancer’s house of love, where it’ll stay until 2015! A strong move, considering that Pluto has been in your house of couples since 2008.

Love and marriage will gather attention, energy, worries. Things will be taken very seriously, approaches will be straightforward, the availability for compromises will severely go down. The need for the absolute will grow and along with it, demands.

Love will not be a matter of joy and entertainment, but one of intensity and drama. Both feelings and instincts will hardly be visible from the outside, but they will burn on the inside. Sexuality will be an essential chapter, it’ll give birth to the highest expectations, fulfillment or frustration.

To some Cancer people, parental responsibilities, children’s problems, procreation-related efforts and other such things will be in the foreground.

In October 2012 the first events resembling the ones described above might occur.

Your love & relationships horoscope for October 2012 can be better understood in the context of Cancer love & relationships horoscope 2012 (opens in new window).

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