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13 Nov 2011

Taurus horoscope 2012

Jupiter in Taurus’ horoscope 2012:

For Taurus, the year 2012 will begin with Jupiter in their very sign.
With the Great Benefactor located right in your sign, you’ll benefit from an excellent period: enthusiasm, success, good luck, popularity. You’ll most often be in the right place, at the right time, and you’ll be ready to take advantage of the opportunities given to you. Beware of the tendency to exaggerate: you’ll either set out to do more than you can, or you’ll put on some weight without even realizing it.

On June 11th 2012, Jupiter will enter Taurus’ second house (money, income and expenses, savings, the sense of value).
Your income will raise and you’ll be able to afford more. Get ready to deal with the projects you’ve been postponing until now on account of lack of money. Beware of the tendency to spend too much! You should decide on a budget and stick to it.

Saturn in Taurus’ horoscope 2012:

The year 2012 will begin with Saturn in Taurus’ sixth house (workplace, colleagues and subordinates, health).
There will be nine more months to go of the period (started in November 2009) in which you have to work hard and prove what you can. Most often, your merits aren’t recognized (yet!), and the reward is not yet to come, either.

On October 5th 2012, Saturn will enter Taurus’ seventh house (couple relationships, business associations, contracts, conflicts).
You’ll start getting appreciation for the work you’ve done lately. And when Saturn will enter your tenth house, you’ll be able to enjoy the right reward as well. Until then, do everything “by the book”, join reliable people and improve your professional skills.

Neptune in Taurus’ horoscope 2012:

For Taurus, the year 2012 will start with Neptune in their tenth house. On February 3rd 2012, Neptune will enter Taurus’ eleventh house (friends, supporters, popularity, joining groups or associations, future projects).
You’ll start a period in which the people around you (both old friends, and new ones) will be the joy and sorrow of your life. Some will cause you disappointments and others will help you move on.

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