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18 Feb 2014

Sagittarius Horoscope March 2014

Information and communication will be priorities for Sagittarius in March 2014. You’ll manage intellectual activities admirably and you’ll have great ease in conceiving, editing, writing, translating, calculating or drawing.

You can also have success as a speaker or a negotiator. Business meetings and trips will be profitable. And if you want to create something with your own hands, you will now be able to make very beautiful things.

As regards important objectives about status and development, things seem to start moving after a rather troubled period. However, in March 2014 you’d better analyse your business carefully and don’t rush into anything, because it is not yet clear enough what you have to do.

One more thing: for Sagittarius people, the period will be better suited for solitary, independent activities rather than the group ones.

Financially speaking, in March 2014 there will be no significant changes.

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