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20 Jan 2014

Gemini Horoscope February 2014

Even if it happens for a misunderstanding to occur from time to time, Gemini’s couple life will generally be stable in February 2014.

You and the partner seem to have pretty practical preoccupations, probably related to money, possessions, transactions, etc.The responsibilities will be fairly assigned, you’ll help each other with the daily chores. Moreover, you’ll support each other when it comes to career or to aspirations regarding social status.

Sex could nevertheless be a topic of interest for Gemini people all throughout February 2014, either by revigorating the desire, or by the frustrations it might generate. All this is true especially in the case of older, more stable relationships.

In the case of new relationships or passionate love stories, the atmosphere of February 2014 will be hotter, the emotions stronger, the reactions could be blown out of proportion and the problems could be more frequent or more serious.

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