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20 Jan 2014

Scorpio Horoscope February 2014

Scorpio’s house of work will be active, but tense, and you’ll probably be among those who will take a lot of professional stress in February 2014.

The demands will be big and urgent, things will take unexpected turns when you least expect them to, and you’ll find it difficult to coordinate your efforts so that you reach the desired efficiency. You’ll have a feeling of dissatisfaction, especially in the first part of the month.

There will be positive changes, though, and they will reflect on the area of intellectual work (especially if it is about a creative process), of communication and negotiation. You’ll find the information you want easily, you’ll learn without any effort and you’ll have one more chance in tests or exams.

As a general tendency, the last decanate of February 2014 will be much more favorable to Scorpios and can bring accomplishments, including of a financial nature.

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