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21 Dec 2013

Capricorn Horoscope January 2014

Sentimental relationships will be top of the priority list for Capricorn people in January 2014.

You couldn’t do it otherwise: Venus, Capricorn’s planet of love and couples, will be right in Capricorn, and in Capricorn’s house of couples will be Jupiter, greedy, enthusiast and adventurous, considerably boosting the need for love, for sharing, for discovering new horizons together.

Not only will your sentimental tendencies become more evident, but there will also be an increase in the erotic interest you’ll cause.

Love will be in the air, but the sky will not always be clear. Venus will be retrograde and will receive, just like Jupiter, stressful aspects. January 2014 could be full of whims and unexpected turns. Or maybe you’ll have to fight for what you want to get.

When in need, a friend who’s older than you might lend you a hand.

January 15th and 16th 2014 could be days with special significance.

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