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21 Dec 2013

Pisces Horoscope January 2014

The first part of January 2014 will be very active. All significant indicators of Pisces’ couple life will be stimulated: Venus (the planet of love), Mercury (the ruler of Pisces’ house of couples) and Jupiter (located in Pisces’ house of love).

You’ll experience a sort of fever, or there will be things that will keep you focused. If they are good or less good, it’ll depend on the natal chart.

Anyway, try to bring the situation under control, because it can easily get out of it. Among the possible reasons that could cause inconveniences, money is at the top.

Throughout January 2014, Pisces’ sentimental relationships seem to have important connections with friendship or with group activities.

The last part of the month will bring clarification, but not enough of it. Final clarification will not come before the spring. You’ll then know exactly where you stand.

In fact, in January 2014 Pisces’ relational life will begin a complicated and contradictory phase, which will last until the first decanate of April 2014.

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