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20 Dec 2013

Virgo Horoscope January 2014

Venus’ presence in Virgo’s house of love usually foreshadows luck and happiness in the sentimental life. Venus in the house of love amplifies the joy of living and the lust for fun and brings favorable circumstances.

Emotions will be livelier, sensuality will be stronger, and the sentimental experiences will be expressed in a relaxed atmosphere, free of worries and restrictions.

However, the fact that Venus will be retrograde and in a hostile aspect with the other planets could bring along some turbulences. Thus, there might appear some attraction towards people of a doubtful morality or towards fleeting, shallow affairs and, generally speaking, a tendency to look for pleasure, for following instincts in a primitive way, without considering the risks regarding the compromising of reputation or even of health.

The relationships that happen under such transits can often be money-consuming.

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