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20 Dec 2013

Libra Horoscope January 2014

The interactions with the others (associations, collaboration, public relations, competition, etc.) will be stimulated and stimulating for Libra people all through January 2014.

The desire to have better performance, to expand and impose will motivate you completely. The financial interest will be alert (needs seem to be greater, as well).

In other words, in January 2014 you’ll be more active than you have been for a long time. Or maybe you have never been as active as this.

You’ll have the chance to make considerable progress, but you’ll have to fight, to cope with unexpected situations, to make great efforts.

You’ll have a lot of stress and a tense, conflict-prone context. The harmony you usually try to build and maintain will be in danger of falling apart.

Take it easy, set your priorities, plan, think clearly, don’t rush! If you keep calm, you’ll win.

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