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21 Nov 2013

Virgo Horoscope December 2013

The most important event of December 2013 will be Mars’ entering Virgo’s house of money. This transit takes place every two years, but now it’ll be something different: instead of crossing the area in five or six weeks as usual, Mars will spend here almost eight months (December 7th 2013 – July 26th 2014).

As Mars is the planet of action, it is to be expected that it will trigger enhanced financial dynamics in Virgo people’s lives. The happiest way this dynamics can manifest in would be awakening (highlighting) the spirit of initiative and adopting some energetic measures regarding the income boost.

But Mars can also be rash, impulsive, exaggerate, and these flaws risk being activated by the opposition with Uranus, located also on the financial axis, and by the dissonant aspects with Jupiter and Pluto.

The risk of loss shouldn’t be neglected at all, so think twice before making a financial decision and don’t hesitate to see specialists in the field!

As regards Virgo’s career, December 2013 will certainly be a more fruitful and productive month than the preceding one.

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