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21 Nov 2013

Scorpio Horoscope December 2013

The Jupiter-Saturn trine will smoothen your way and in December 2013 it could bring you a nice accomplishment regarding studies or a procedure related to university, cultural, publishing or law environments.

Also, trips and distance collaboration can prove to be profitable and successful.

Jupiter is also the ruler of Scorpio’s house of money, crossed by the Sun and Mercury this month. The configuration will promise financial success, an advantageous acquisition or some extra earning.

All in all, December 2013 will be generous both at the level of recognition, and at the level of finances. Behind these accomplishments, though, there will be a lot of hard work. You don’t like complaining, so only a few people will know how hard it will be for you.

Anyway, from now on you’ll have to focus only on what it is most important and to move to a very strict organization, because the professional stress will be increasing. Mars will be in opposition with Uranus in Scorpio’s house of work for many months ahead, which foreshadows a lot of aggitation and possible work conflicts and incidents.

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