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20 Oct 2013

Capricorn Horoscope November 2013

Venus will enter Capricorn on November 5th 2013 and instead of staying here for approximately four weeks, the period it usually spends in a sign, it will stay for four months, meaning until March 5th 2014. Venus is the planet of love, of harmonyy and of couples.

Obviously, Venus’ prolonged stay in Capricorn will bring remarkable events at the sentimental level. In the four months, Capricorn’s relationships will be brought to attention, thoroughly examined, with all their good or bad parts.

The negative parts will have the tendency to become more visible in the period when Venus is retrograde (December 21st 2013 – January 31st 2014).

With a bird’s-eye view, this four-month period will bring Capricorn people some extra emotion and sensuality and will open the gate to love. People often fall in love under such transits, but there are also cases in which the transit only prepares the field, and love comes a few months later.

Anyway, November 2013, being the opening month of the cycle, will be scattered with significant clues. Mind them and draw the conclusions! As for the rest, enjoy the harmony and the pleasures offered by Venus.

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