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20 Oct 2013

Leo Horoscope November 2013

There will start a period that will emphasize the use of talents and work relationships.

Venus willl enter Leo’s house of work on November 5th 2013 and will stay there unusually long, until March 5th 2014. Venus favors occupations that are related to art, creation, decorations, aesthetics, beauty or luxury, and you might come into contact with these areas through your work.

The importance of collaboration will raise and your work might be influenced by feelings or by the couple partner.

In November 2013 Leos will have a special preoccupation for investments and real estate business, which could manifest as a business or could stay at a personal level. In the latter case, it could be about purchasing a house or a piece of land, about repairs or redecoration brought to the accommodation, or about the acquisition of a durable good.

Mars, located in Leo’s house of money all throughout the month November 2013, will be very active and full of initiative. It is to be expected that it will produce a lot of money. However, beware: Mars is also good at spending it at the fastest pace.

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