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20 Oct 2013

Libra Horoscope November 2013

Libra’s career will move on and will go very well. Jupiter will see that you are offered favorable circumstances, highlighted, brought appreciation, applause, fame, prestige.

You’ll not be exactly resourceful, things will mainly develop by themselves. Or you might have initiatives, but not visible enough, as if you discreetly prepared the field for an all-out future action.

You’ll be very preoccupied with money-related issues, though: you’ll calculate and then start over, you’ll make financial plans which you’ll later change, you’ll be waiting for some money that will delay coming, you’ll waste time with all sorts of unexpected complications.

Mercury will have been in the cycle of retrograde movement in Libra’s house of money ever since last month, so you have probably got used to such things. It’ll resume its straight movement on November 10th 2013, and starting the second decanate solutions will be found and it will even be about a certain good luck.

The money issue will stay in Libra’s attention until the end of November 2013 and you’ll probably have some decisions to take, some strategies to outline.

The house might be eating into your money.

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