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18 Sep 2013

Libra Horoscope October 2013

The atmosphere in the first part of October 2013 will generally be similar to the one in the previous month. The sentimental manifestations will be generous and demonstrative, and the emotions will be strong and vibrant.

Within the couple, the dominant notes will be good mood, conspiracy, friendship, lust for life and fun. There will be a lot of socialization, and socialization helps relationships or, in case you don’t have a relationship yet, it can favor the appearance of one. Friends can have certain influence on your couple life (catalysts, mediators, advisors, etc.).

The second part of October 2013 will lose some of its glow. Mars, the ruler of Libra’s house of couples, will redraw in an obscure zone in which it can find loneliness, disillusion, inactivity or, at the best, discretion. Discretion, because Mars’ position does not exclude a secret romantic affair.

From other points of view, October 2013 will be good for conversations or correspondence between partners. Communication will unfold smoothly and pleasantly and there will be shared ideas, impressions, preferences. If there’s something a bit more complicated or less satisfactory, it is sex.

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