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18 Sep 2013

Capricorn Horoscope October 2013

The Sun’s passing through Capricorn’s house of career foreshadows a period in which attention will focus on reaching success. You’ll be motivated by the need for recognition, for confirmation.

You’ll have lofty aspirations, but they will not be easy to accomplish. The ruler of Capricorn’s house of career will not have the necessary strength to support them. Or maybe you want it too much for the current context.

The news is not great either as regards routine work and daily responsibilities. Mercury, the ruler of Capricorn’s house of work, will not be in a good shape, and your performance might be affected. You might have problems related to concentration, attention, rigor, communication, decision.

Some of the stress could have connections with group activities, events with an audience, or with a promise for support that will not be kept.

It is possible that there will be some misunderstandings, blocks, delays, or confusion as regards money as well.

The second part of October 2013 will bring some mobilization as concerns studies, trips or relationships with people from far away.

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