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18 Sep 2013

Pisces Horoscope October 2013

For the long term, a favorable current will manifest in your professional life due to the trine formed by Neptune (located in Pisces), Saturn (in Scorpio) and Jupiter (in Cancer). Neptune will be responsible for inspiration and talent, Saturn for thinking and concepts, and Jupiter for opportunities.

For the short term, October 2013 will be rather hectic.

In the first two weeks, Mars will be in Pisces’ house of work: there’ll be agglomeration, pressure, emergencies, incidents. The stress will be high, but the efficiency as well.

On October 7th 2013 Venus will enter Pisces’ house of career: a token of chance that will come through relationships, charm and the exploitation of talents. Relationships will visibly stand out especially in the second part of October and they could contribute to success, but they nevertheless need to be treated with caution in the third week, when they could become harmful or disappointing.

You could also face difficulties with studies, creative work, publicity or cultural activity, trips and long-distance collaboration.

Even if it has nastier behavior, money seems to love you though.

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