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18 Sep 2013

Cancer Horoscope October 2013

October 2013 seems to be a more relaxed month from the professional point of view – as far as this is possible, in the context of the year 2013, which demands new projects, changes, energetic action.

However, with Venus in Cancer’s house of work, things will go more smoothly and you’ll benefit from a more peaceful work atmosphere, from tasks whose carrying out will bring you pleasure or will help you highlight your talents and creativity.

As regards the ruler of Cancer’s house of career, Mars, the one full of dynamism and initiative, in the first part of October 201 it’ll keep manifesting its pecuniary interests vigorously.

As well as in the previous month, Mars will be busy with business, investments, discovering new sources of income or developing the existing ones. Sometimes it can prove to be rather wasteful, but Cancer people don’t usually take waste too far.

In the second part of October 2013, Mars will move on to Cancer’s house of communication and movement. A very active period will start, rich in procedures, trips and meetings. Thinking will be more alert and vigorous; there will be ideas, solutions.

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