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29 Jul 2013

Libra Horoscope August 2013

Since Uranus entered Libra’s house of couples (2010-2011), the relational life has had a lively dynamics, being often marked by surprising turns. However, if you have managed to maintain a steady relationship in spite of this transit of Uranus, then your partner is probably the one going through unexpected events.

The Uranian events are not only good or bad. They can be of any kind, but they have some common features: they’re bewildering, shocking, amazing.

In 2013 Uranus is especially active, as it is encouraged by the squares with Pluto, and recently (since the end of June 2013) with Jupiter. On top of this, in the first part of August 2013 Mars, the ruler of Libra’s house of couples, will also join the game, forming a square with Uranus itself.

The conclusion: you’ll be in for a challenging period, which can be exciting and rather risky at the same time. You might experience episodes of burning passion, crazy actions born out of love, as well as fierce fights or even separations.

In order to neutralize the negative Uranian influences, try to always bring something new, captivating, and original to the relationship.

The second part of August 2013 will offer more tenderness and harmony.

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