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29 Jul 2013

Aries Horoscope August 2013

There’s something going on.

Firstly, because the ruler of your sign, Mars, will be in the romantic sign of Cancer, which urges you to dream and creates a sweet and affectionate mood for you.

Secondly, because the New Moon on August 7th 2013 will happen to be right in Aries’ house of love, which foreshadows something new or significant that might appear in the affective-erotic area in the following four weeks. Maybe a new love? A refreshed sexual life?

However, not only can this New Moon speak of gallant adventures, but it can also speak of children or parenthood. Only you can know which one applies.

Anyway, on August 16th 2013 Venus will enter Aries’ house of couples, and now it’s clearly about love or marriage. Venus promises openness, chance, seduction, fulfillment and harmony. Under this transit, your sentimental life will flourish.

Finally, on August 28th the passionate Mars will enter Aries’ house of love. The last days of the month could be fervent, full of passion.

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