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21 Jun 2013

Cancer Horoscope July 2013

At the end of last month Jupiter entered the sign of Cancer, where it’ll stay for one year. This position of Jupiter will have a significant impact on several sectors, among which the relational one.

Firstly, Jupiter will provide you with some extra physical energy and sexual strength. Secondly, it will boost your courage, set you free of your inhibitions and challenge you to explore and experience. Not lastly, as a great lover of freedom as it is, Jupiter will want to abolish all constraints around you, all suffocating circumstances or conditions forced upon you.

Coming back to July 2013, in the first part of the month you’ll be yourself, you’ll have optimism and a sense of humor, and you’ll be a nice company to be around, so things should go pretty well. Some communication problems might arise, though, which could cause troubles from time to time.

On July 13th 2013, Mars will also make an entrance in Cancer, and the tandem Mars-Jupiter will be “pure dynamite”: it’ll release massive quantities of adrenaline, so you’ll be in for passion, sex, adventure, but there will also be the risk of some exaggeration, imprudence and maybe even conficts. Try to be moderate!

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