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17 May 2013

Leo Horoscope June 2013

To Leos, June 2013 promises to be relatively peaceful. Things might stay within the limits of routine and nothing new or significant might happen.

It’s not excluded, however, that this “silence” is the sign of mystery, of secret. With Venus in the twelfth house, it sometimes happens that love comes secretly or takes place secretly, away from the eyes of people.

On the other hand, Venus in the twelfth house can sometimes be the sign of some drifting apart, of some disappointment or betrayal, and other times, the sign of losing touch with reality, of empty hopes and even of some affective addictions.

One way or another, the live, spontaneous or open expression of your feelings will be confined in June 2013. You might not be in control of your sentimental life, might not have enough freedom to move or miss the clarity of taking some right decisions.

But this phase is temporary. On June 27th 2013 Venus will come out of the “twilight zone” and step into Leo, smiling to you in a promising way.

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