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17 May 2013

Aquarius Horoscope June 2013

Aquarius’ house of passion and eroticism will be greatly effervescent. The Sun, Mars and Jupiter will overflow their energies (considerable, however, in the case of both of them) on this area, making it shine and animating it.

In June 2013, your body and soul will be ready for love and, if an opportunity comes along, you’ll seize it. And there will be plenty of opportunities! In fact, the sentimental impulse will be so strong that it’s possible that you yourself will create them.

You can hardly wait to challenge or take challenges. You’ll feel the lust for adventure, and you’ll have higher appetite for games and experiments.

June 2013 will offer an advantage especially to love in its incipient phase, to relationships based on mere attraction, free of obligations and responsibility.

Older relationships could benefit from the generosity of the stars in order to find the romantic thrill again and to re-launch/improve sexual life.

For temperamental Aquarius people, June 2013 could be a fabulous month; for the shy ones, it could be the month of clearing blocks and taboos away.

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