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21 Apr 2013

Sagittarius Horoscope May 2013

Goods times are in store for the couple life of Sagittarius people, as it seems. But not exactly from the beginning of the month.

The first decanate of May 2013 foreshadows to be rather difficult. The harmony of the relationship could be disturbed by certain work- or health-related problems (yours or your partner’s), by some other kind of constraints, limitations or obligations. As needs and expectations will be high, frustrations will be high accordingly. Fortunately, they will not last.

On May 9th 2013 Venus will enter your house of couples and will make clouds fade away, making you smile again. With Venus in Sagittarius’ house of couples, relationships will be warmer, closer, more affectionate; the desire to share will become deeper, the sentimental availability will grow, there will be sentimental opportunities, new relationships will start more easily, make-ups will happen more smoothly.

On May 15th 2013 Mercury will enter your house of couples, facilitating communication, and on May 21st, the shining Sun will enter it too, highlighting and energizing.

Finally, the last decanate in May 2013 will be very favorable to Sagittarius people and could bring along a happy event.

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