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16 Mar 2013

Libra Horoscope April 2013

Hold on, as you’re in for an unusual period!

In the first part of April 2013, in Libra’s house of couples will meet Uranus, Mars, the Sun and Venus.

Uranus has already been spicing up your relational life for a couple of years. It’s an agent of novelty, of changes, of experiments and surprise. Uranus can express itself both positively and negatively.

Uranus reacts intensely when it’s stimulated by the fast planets, and now it is stimulated by three planets all at the same time: the passionate, fierce and active Mars, the loving and seducing Venus and the bright Sun, which highlights everything.

This configuration will most definitely generate significant events. Let’s hope they will be pleasant (passionate love stories, fabulous romantic episodes, surprising encounters, etc.), although one should not ignore the fact that too much energy gathering makes things go crazy sometimes.

On April 15th 2013, Venus will leave the battle field and Mercury will come in: discussions, messages, trips.

The atmosphere will stay hot until April 20th 2013, when the Sun and Mars will leave Libra’s house of couples, and things will come back to the initial state.

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